Best sound ever?

this sounds tight! is it best sound ever? pretty epic if it is not fake.

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That’s definitely in the top 100 best sounds I’ve ever heard. Not the best though.

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The obvious answer

I remember as a kid when my dad bought our first DVD player with surround sound. I would rewind Star Wars DVDs to the start just to hear the sound.


There was an interview with Prince from Guitar World about 20-25 years ago. It’s was considered “more revealing” than any other interview he had done. It was an interesting read but at the time I was kind of annoyed at some of his answers. But he was asked this same question and I have to say… I wholeheartedly agree…

Greatest sound? The sound of a woman climaxing.

I hope that this doesn’t get me banned lol

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bit unfair to reference a sound no one who posts on here has ever heard


I think the laser sounds are added? But I’ve never used one, The lasers are quite quiet unless i’m mistaken?

I’ve read that it’s added on?
This might be real? Perhaps some production on it, Sounds really awesome, but the low end I think might be added?

Idk if you’ll get a bass low end from a laser