Best Strat Style Trem

I’m looking to replace my standard six screw strat trem with something that offers more control and better tuning stability.

Leaning towards either the Super Vee Blade Runner or Vega Trem. I’m open to other suggestions though.

I’d like the ability to float it a bit, like a six screw trem and keep my double stop bends in tune.
Sustain is another factor I’d like to maintain or improve.

I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve only heard good things about the Super Vee systems.

I have a Callaham bridge in my Stratocaster. It’s set floating so the G strings pulls up a third to B. It sounds great and return to pitch is excellent, but I have staggered locking tuners (Gotoh, mostly for convenience in string changes) and all contact points are lubricated with silicone. Double stop bends do go out of tune, and I’m not aware of any floating system which can prevent that from happening.

This may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a somewhat recent addition to the trem landscape that’s worth being aware of. It has a lot of similarity to other 2-point block-saddle Strat style trems, but adds a screw near the break of each saddle to lock the strings:

I have the WVS130-2P on one of my Suhrs and it’s terrific.

It’s not a replacement for a 6-screw design though, unless @Dissonant_Timbres is willing to drill the holes for the posts.

Here’s the 6-screw version

And here’s the other 6-screw designs by Wilkinson

Also very popular is the Gotoh 510 Series

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