Best video to show beginners?

All, (but maybe especially @Troy and @Brendan)

I teach group guitar classes for music therapy students at my local university. I usually start students with a pick and explain to them that DPS and edge picking will help them not to feel hung up on the strings as they begin playing their first single note melodies and strumming.

For the past couple of years I have shown them the CTC video of Joscho Stephan playing “Nuages”:

…in class because it’s very short, has a good close up and a great slo-mo section where you can see the pick angles (even though we won’t be doing anything close to what Joscho is doing in the video!)

Unfortunately, that video now has ads plastered over the slo-mo portion of video that I want them to see that I don’t think can be turned off. Is there a similar short CTC video on YouTube I can share with them to clearly show this technique? Many thanks!

I don’t even remember posting that!

When I watch YouTube, I just can just click the “x” on any banner ad and it just goes away, never to return. It doesn’t really bother me that much. If I feel like paying for YouTube premium, I think the ads go away permanently.

Anyway, I disabled ads on that video so you should be good!

Thanks @troy. Not sure how these ads are embedded but they still show up and there are no “x’s” to make them go away even when mousing over them. Turning off annotations doesn’t do it either. I’ve tried multiple browsers and have the same result.

I know you have more important things to deal with, so please don’t worry about it. I just didn’t want you to think I was such Luddite that I didn’t know how to click off youtube banner ads!

Thanks again!

I turned them off for this video, there should be no more ads on it, period.

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There may be a lag in the settings taking effect, but for what it’s worth, I’m still seeing the ads @johnhorneguitar referred to. They appear at 0m54s in the Joscho video, and are non-dismissable overlays to the video (and turning off “annotations” in the player settings doesn’t get rid of them either). I think youtube calls them “Trueview in-stream ads”.

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It’s not a big deal.

Ohhhh, ok those aren’t “ads”, per se, those are what YT calls “End Screens”. I didn’t even know that was enabled on that video. That might be a channel-wide setting, not sure how that got turned on.

Anyway, yeah I hate those on short videos because they block the whole thing, I was able to to turn that off for this video.

Thx for pointing this out


Thank you Troy and Frylock!

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omg. wow… x 1000000 love this.