Best way to practice the Volcano Method

Hey, I’m Ari, and enjoying my foray in this world immensely. I’m already a huge fan and do plan on subscribing soon! I have been learning from the Youtube videos posted, and the Pop Tarts lick was definitely a revelation of sorts! I’m trying to work on the DWPS Volcano thing now, and I’ve been playing for a long time (27 years) and picked up a the natural DWPS without realizing. Outside picking has been much harder and unnatural for me. HOWEVER, I can only do the Volcano thing at super fast speeds and therefore not that controlled when at medium fast (170 bpm’ish) speeds. Should I just rock the basic 6 note Volcano lick at super slow speed 5-10 min a day until i get some control? Thanks!

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Hey Ari, welcome! Glad you’re enjoying so far.

Typically we suggest everyone start with the Pickslanting Primer:

This has a lot of good material on things like picks, grip, and basic picking motions. As part of this we have a chapter about speed + learning picking motions (this one’s also free to watch on YouTube):

If you can do the motion super fast that’s a great start! Generally you don’t want to just do super slow practice as it won’t necessarily give you a realistic feel for what it will be like at speed. But some variation, fairly fast to get a feel for the motion + medium fast to work on consistency, is probably a good idea.

You can also try searching on the forum for things like practice and speed, lots of good discussions on here :slight_smile:

See this as well for more on the “starting with speed” video:

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Thanks a ton Brendan! I’ll be bothering all of you more in the upcoming weeks!

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