Bleed For Me 2WPS Riff?

Hello fellow CTC members! I recently decided to work on some Black Label Society rhythms for my timing and also for my sanity to get away from practice runs… Have to mix it up a bit :slight_smile:

Not sure if the main riff to Bleed for Me would be a 2WPS “riff,” but I would sincerely appreciate anyone who likes BLS to give their two cents on how to properly play this (This is an excellent cover from an awesome guitarist in Japan named Gaku Kawajiri. He hands down does the best covers of Zakk Wylde, Ozzy, etc. online and is the most accurate note for note):

It appears the riff is 3 5 3 on the A string, 6 on the low E, 3 on the A, then 6 5 3 on the low E and repeats with open low E’s. All picked. I believe Gaku does DSX but then almost a stringhopping kind of motion to hit that 6 on the low E? There is a good example of his playing this at 1:03.

At slow speeds when I play this, it sounds accurate but when I speed it up I miss that 6th fret. And if the moderators read this and I posted in the wrong category, I apologize in advance. Never asked a question like this before. Rock it- BB

Are you definitely sure that your fretting hand is up to speed?

I think it would be best if you posted a vid of yourself attempting it, would help diagnose your issues instead of worrying about how others seem to play it.

Hello! Let me get a video up over the weekend. I am confident on the fretting hand for these kinds of riffs.
But the picking and the curved motion I am messing up on the 6th fret. Do you think what Gaku is playing is note accurate? Thanks- BB

Yeah, seams right to me…