Blitzkrieg: DOD 308 to 250 Mod

The Pedal: The old DOD YJM308 that I rarely used has now taken the front seat as my main YJM high gain pedal, ousting the red YJM Fender pedal. Reading through some internet posts, the mod to bring it close to the DOD 250 specs involves losing one capacitor, changing another one and replacing the op amp – pretty simple if you have a soldering iron and, equally importantly, a solder sucker. I had all the parts kicking around and what was once heavy on the brightness and lean on the bass is quite balanced and articulate, now.

The Tune: This is a single take, so mind the hiccups. :wink: I left out the “solo” verses as I find they don’t lend themselves to note-for-note transcription and my improvisation skills just aren’t up to the task. The backing track is from the generous Vincent Rain.

  • 2017 YJM strat
  • Dimarzio HS4/neck, HS3/bridge
  • DOD YJM308 modified to DOD 250 spec
  • Boss noise gate
  • in the loop: MXR 10-band EQ (to scoop the upper mids a bit and also to attenuate the amp), MXR reverb pedal
  • Marshall Studio Vintage combo SV-20C

That’s a great take @s_linste
Love the picking work, it’s blazing fast and on point. I couldn’t find any hiccups.

I’m sad to see that there are 15 views and no response.
Time to move on I guess.

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Very nice playing. Couldn’t really hear much wrong either! Awesome!

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