Bliztkrieg - Yngwie Malmsteen Progress

After working on Trilogy I decided to pick up Blitzkrieg next, feels pretty close. I try to play the intro runs with mixed escape alternate picking mostly, pretty sure it’s wrist extension escape on the down stroke plus a little elbow and wrist inflection plus some forearm on the upstroke.

I change from a bit lower vs higher strings still but I’ve been trying to embrace it. I don’t have a magnet but if I try and describe what if feels like - Descending I find it a lot easier to do the Paul Gilbert kinda forearm plus wrist motion and I think string tracking is falling to the shoulder. Ascending I find it easier to do a slightly probated or even neutral angle with thumb more bent and throwing a little elbow in for string tracking.


Nice job! The open string tremolo thingy sounds particularly killer and looks effortless!

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Thanks! Been working on cleaning up the intro portion more, that’s for sure the trickiest to nail.

By the way if anyone wants some pretty damn accurate tabs for this - I got them and the backing track from the description on this video Yngwie Malmsteen - Blitzkrieg Cover by Tramaine - Mayones Duvell Elite 7 String - YouTube

Tremaine is a monster player, made it to the finals on Jared Dines’ biggest shred Collab contest last month.

Excellent playing! (more characters to keep the forum length validation happy)

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Yeah the picking really looks effortless and great! You have this amazing wrist motion without any interference of the forearm that I’m so jealous of in another thread. Beautiful! I’m amazed that you can do escapes both ways with such small motion changes as well. Superhero stuff!

If you were to work more on the Yngwie stuff, I would suggest trying to learn his style of vibrato. It’s probably an even bigger reason for why his playing sounds so great, other than the fast runs. The vibrato “sells” the runs and makes it all come alive and sing.

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Really appreciate that! I was just watching some of your playing on an older thread and it’s pretty killer!

Yngwie’s vibrato is awesome, I really want to get Brandon Ellis’ style of vibrato incorporated into my playing, I know he borrowed it from a combo of Blues Saraceno and Yngwie. When I’m not so concentrated on the notes like if I’m more comfortable with the piece or if I’m improvising some familiar patterns, I feel like my vibrato comes through a lot better, but honestly I haven’t worked hard at including it while practicing a piece like this, something ill try incorporating for sure.

Same! I’ve been following his instagram clips and his vibrato is killer. I REALLY need to put some time into vibrato practice…

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His patreon is like $30 a month, honestly if you have time to set aside and get it for like a month or two there’s a lot of good material with downloadable tabs, I might pick the subscription back up just to go through it again and see his newer stuff/tabs to get down some picking patterns.

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