Bluegrass Records

Any suggested records to check out to delve deeper into the Bluegrass style for someone who has little to no exposure to this genre??


I like dem boys that play with Hank III. Check out the album “Straight To Hell”

I don’t have extensive bluegrass knowledge…but I’m really digging Molly Tuttle’s new album! Catchy songs, great singing, and of course incredible playing.

bluegrass Guitar by Bryan Sutton. Please if you listen to anything specifically for the flatpicking, it has to be this.

Or anything from Tony Rice’s bluegrass guitar collection. But Sutton’s album is all breakdown instrumentals where he just
Gets one break after another.

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Not a hugely knowledgable bluegrass listener here - but my dad used to play some stuff around the house when I was growing up so I’ve had a little bit of exposure, I guess. I remember being fairly impressed with Norman Blake - I always thought this tune was pretty awesome:

Maybe not super traditional with sort of the bluesy minor key feel to it, but it’s an awesome tune - I’d love to tackle it one day.

EDIT - though, this is a very poor quality performance… but an awesome rendition, with a little more of a celtic swing to it and some pretty cool dynamic work:

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NOrman Blake is one of the original greats, generation 2, after Doc. He is awesome. And his high lonesome singing is so damn good~ Everyone should check out the albums he did with Tony: Blake and Rice.

I know most people on this forum want to study bluegrass just to learn the technique but I hope in the process you all fall in love.

End of the day, a good song is a good song. I don’t love all the bluegrass I’ve heard, but the harmony and mood of something like “Old Brown Case” really speaks to me.