Book - The Yng Way


I have this book and it seems to reference many of Troy’s terms. He gives credit to Troy in the beginning for all he has done in the documentation of the picking world.

Anyone else finding references to Troy’s work?


I seen that also,
There is a guy on youtube named
Ben Ellison I think, he references Troy
Here and there in his videos.

Funny guy
He shows the demonstration at “step dad” speed which is sloe


I have several of Chris Brooks products but not that book. I had the vid “The Yng Way”…which is pretty good. Then i got the whole “Shredder Bundle.” Good solid products. He mentions the pick angles etc but obviously not in the same depth of detail as Troys stuff

Seems I remember him mentioning Troy in some vids but cant remember exactly where.

Chris has some nasty picking chops!


I love pentatonic stuff.
Might have to get that picking lesson


Which book is that in?


After reading JonJon’s post I googled
The shredder bundle and it is in there
But can also be purchased for 28 bucks as a standalone



The Penta power seminar is pretty good. he shows 3 basic methods of picking:

  1. Alt -eve. This is basically setting up all licks to be ALTernate picked and to have EVEn numbers of notes per string and use DWPS, which he calls a “forward” slant

  2. Eco. This is economy picking so its dwps ascending and uwps descending. I think all of these licks have odd numbers of notes per string…hence the need to economy pick the string crosses

  3. compound. combination of method 1 and 2. Licks come across sounding pretty EJ-ish

great value for the money but of course not going into quite the intense detail of Troys stuff

The $70 (IIRC) I spent for the Volcano and Antigravity seminars is some of the best $$$ I ever spent lol


Not sure how much time you spent in the pentatonic power portion of the bundle but there are three picking

Off the top of your head do you remember if they are all standalone
Or do they build into one?


did u not read my above post?? lol

he has system 1 and then system 2 as I described above, then they sort of combine into system 3, what he calls “compound”

The way the vid is setup. there is a picking primer vid going over basic stuff. Then each of the 3 systems has its own vid which includes examples. The individual vids are between 16 - 23 minutes long. Then it has tabs and about 5 backing tracks

Peace, JJ


Doh, sorry
I did read it the other day
Then spaced it out
Then bought the pentatonic program
Then panicked when I saw three methods and prior to jumping in
Posted this question.

Thanks still


yeah, to me the way he has it set up is a bit weird as far as the first 2 systems. Like the “alt eve” system is sort of rigid in that it is made for ONLY even numbers of notes on a string. Then the eco is made for ONLY odd numbers lol.

So he correctly realizes that he needs that 3rd ‘compound’ system to put it all together


The name of the book is
Neoclassical Speed strategies for guitar
By Chris Brooks

He addresses much of what Troy deals with but their are great illustrations that help develop the concepts involved, plus I always find it beneficial to learn something similar from a different teacher.

He also has 2 books on arpeggios which are fantastic.

Any neoclassical guitar book… I have get it


I have the neoclassical speed book
He has another speed strategies for
Rock or something like that.

I was thinking about getting it but wasn’t sure if was just a lot or the same material.

Anyone check it out yet?


It is really sweeping. I have it.


That’s probably Ben Eller, and he was actually in one of Troy’s videos, helping out in the Andy Wood analysis they did.