Brendon Small interview


The suspense is killing me. Anyway to get access to the unedited interview? I don’t care about tabs, professionalism, video/audio quality, or any other multitude of things that may be contributing to this not being higher priority.


Sorry! Just a bunch of stuff on our plate. And we were going to get back to Brendon to film some playthroughs of tunes, which we didn’t do during the conversation because he hadn’t planned for that. As a result, the conversation was much more about animation and TV than guitar, honestly, just because my own nerdfest took over and I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have to the flow of the conversation.

But we don’t want to leave the guitar side unfinished, because he’s a great player and we want to do that justice. We’re going to try and get back in touch with him when we get these Pickslanting Primer updates out the door, and see if we can do the tunes.

We’ll keep y’all posted, and sorry for the delay!