Brett Stine - Allan Holdsworth book

A set of two books, which are the most comprehensive look into Holdsworth’s approach to improvisation. It’s not just a transcription book (of which it has many), but instead a complete breakdown of what Allan is doing. I have them and it’s … heavy.

Here is a promo vid for it:

This is an interview with the Author:

You can get the print version of the books on Amazon, here’s the link to Brett’s site, which only has the ebook:

I’ve bought a set from Amazon, but they haven’t arrived yet.

I hope you’ll post your thoughts on it. So far, I’m happy with it. I’ve immersed myself in book 1 for about a week at this point. Very good stuff!

I certainly will.

I decided a few years ago that my ability to manifest my Holdsworth influence was limited not by any lack of technical understanding, but by a lack of understanding of his unique musical approach and how to apply it practically.

I decided to focus on trying to solve other problems. I felt I wasn’t particularly well suited to the task (I’m not formally trained in either classical or jazz analysis). Also, I felt that transcribing more of Allan’s solos would likely be an arduous process for me. I didn’t want that process to kill my love of his music.

I think it’s worked out for the best. People like Brett Stine and John Vullo have done a much better job than I could have.