Burning Heart Solo - Vandenberg


One of my fav solos, from Adrian Vandenberg. I’m using my YJM strat, with my EVH.

Some lovely playing there Nick! Great vibrato and feel happening!

I do hear some digital dithering sort of thing going on; are you running your guitar through a processor or is this DI? The guitar character is sounding very good, I don’t know how they do it but the guitar has its own thing going on pretty consistently it seems on this model.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

I using a TC electronics Spark directly into the amp with some reverb

Running the digitech rp 360 processor in the loop using the NG and EG activated

Using a Shure 57 mic, focusrite solo, reaper

Suggestions? Thx.

What speakers you got there in your cab?Also what is your mic position.
Can you make a clip without the rp 360, and dime the spark.

edit: I see the spark has gain and tone controls; first try to get it to sound transparent, then max the volume. Truth is there is no one way!

Its Celestian "special design " 12 "
The Spark only has one control knob.

Do you want to hear a clip with no gain, or just without the digitech in the loop?

Thing is, with this version of the amp, there’s always a little “dirt” even on the clean channel.


Not clean, just without the digitech in the loop.
Every amp is different and i"m not familiar with yours.
Also let me know where your pointing your mic.

Ok, good enough. I’ll send a pic later.
Try an upload some noodling this weekend.

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Very nice!! Sounds great. :metal::notes:

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Thanks man! appreciate it!