Can anyone tab this with software?

Any chance anyone can get the tab for this with a program/software? Is that possible? Im talking just the solo. I do not know how to do it

The only software able to do this is a brain. And ears )

Here’s the draft of first part of solo (starting from 1:58)
xxx - means I wasn’t sure
wavy line - means vibrato. In the end his vibrato is wholetone

Fingerings is mostly random. You may rearrange it as you find comfortable for you.


Transcribe! can help a lot though.

Brain, ears and youtube at 50% speed!! Thanks, figured Id ask to see if anyone was able to do something like this. Let me know if you end up finishing the solo

second part

fingering is totally random and mostly incorrect, since I hear notes not frets, and I’m away from my guitar right now. So it’s up to you )

The last part is most doubtful since he uses delay there and notes are kinda fused together.

Basically, he does mostly minor runs and some blues scale stuff.

ASTN - Did you do this purely by listening? That’s some crazy ear skills. I couldn’t even do it with a guitar In my hand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nah, just a lot of practice. Moreover, there are some mistakes for sure.
Anyway, now I have to admit that solfeggio lessons in musical school wasn’t a waste of time after all ))

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thanks i will check it out!