Can anyone tell what kind of right hand techniques Jesse van Ruller and Peter Bernstein used?

Peter Bernstein (on the left) and Jesse van Ruller (on the right) have been my all time favorite Jazz guitar players.

I wonder if any one could tell what kind of right hand techniques they are using on this video?

Thank you!

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You can clearly see, that Bernstein is using side to side wrist motion. Jazz language is about phrases of different notes per string, so the movement can double-escape. But… Bernstein isnt very fast picker, so in fast tempos he will probably string-hop or play simple phrases. Anyway, great musicality and phrasing.

The tempo of the tune isnt that fast, but in one spot on Van Ruler’s solo, you can see him sweeping some fast arpeggios. You dont need any special techniques to learn their solos. Tempo is quite comfortable to do everything with stringhop.

For fast jazz playing check out some Pat Martino or Clint Strong (for fast alternate 1nps) or Kurt Rosenwinkel (awesome left hand technique and legato) or Gypsy jazz guitarists (2nps single escape on upstroke)

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Hi Gtasanan!

Thank you very much for the detail! It’s clear and makes sense to me now!

I’m gonna check your suggestions too!

Lately I have also been watching this video,

What kind of technique was used here you would say?

I think I saw a lot of bouncing movement (string hop?), but it’s quite fast!

Thank you very much!


Hi Joy,

Interesting. I’ve found another video of Martjin with a few close ups:

His technique looks like double escape motion, but not only wrist involved. You can see small wiggling of forearm. Best way to learn about this movement is live seminar called Crosspicking with wrist and forearm. You can find it on CtC site.

Also observe, that picking is not pure alternate whole time. There are definitely some legato in his lines.


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