Can you mute with Pronated DBX?

What are the muting capabilities while playing with the pronated DBX form?

I’m working on the slightly supinated version at the moment where the muting is natural but I’m considering switching to pronated to match up with my elbow technique so there is less change when I switch between the two :slight_smile:

Anyone got any experience with this? I don’t recall seeing Molly Tuttle or David Grier mute at all as that’s not really the bluegrass style but I might be completely mistaken

Good question! I can’t speak for pronated dbx players, or even anyone other than myself really.

I did find though, the first fast wrist motion I hit upon was a pronated dsx motion. The entire pinky side of my hand was off the bridge and I found I was unable to palm mute at all. I tried to mute with the area where the wrist meets the hand but found that it restricted my range of motion.

This is just my experience with the pronated form. Perhaps others might have had more success with pronated muting?

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