Can you point Guitar Pro towards a different audio file?

I hope that this all makes sense, as I’m not sure how to explain it clearly!

There is a trick that I use with Transcribe in which I load up the song I want to transcribe and I set all my sync points.

Ater this I load up the “acapella” guitar track in Transcribe and save it.

I then open up both of the aforementioned .xsc files in TextEdit and I take the audio file information from the acapella guitar track and paste it into the .xsc file with all the sync points set. I can then open up the .xsc file with an acapella guitar track with all the sync points set.

the reason I do it like this is because it’s much easier to set sync points when you have drums.

Can I do this in Guitar Pro? I prefer working in Guitar Pro now, as you have everything in one application. I can set my tempo for the track with the full band, but I can’t find a way that I can then load in the solo guitar track into Guitar Pro whilst keeping all the sync points.

I don’t have an answer to your question.

However, for what you’re trying to do, soundslice is about 100x easier and faster, in my opinion. You get all the syncing and editing in one program and a lot of the workarounds you’re trying do becomes things of the past.


Thanks Jake. will Soundslice allow you to keep the sync points and then load a different audio file with the sync points remaining?

Yes, easily - there’s just a “copy syncpoints” option, and you can “drag all” if it isn’t perfect. You can have many audio files synced to the same score.

A simple example with a lead line I teach my beginner students, from Pixies’ “Ana” :

(the “chorus” is actually played with octaves, this is just a stripped down version for students.)

In the “recordings” tab at the bottom you can toggle between the youtube video and a recording of me playing along with the song:


Since these recordings are of course at the exact same tempo, I probably just imported the syncpoints (made this a while ago, so I’m assuming) and then just dragged them all over, since the two recordings don’t have the exact same start point.

Edit to add: and to have video capabilities within all this is huge.


thanks, you’re right, this is exactly what I’m after. Isn’t it funny how a website can offer this for free, but GP8 doesn’t offer it in a paid software.

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Now in fairness, I use GP and soundslice BOTH a lot, they just have different advantages or main purposes.

GP’s midi playback options are beyond superior to SS’s, and as of this date you can customize the visual layout of scores in GP far beyond what you can do in SS. GP also has some commands and navigation things that are a lot better, at least for larger, more complex projects.

But if I’m using any software to help me transcribe something, I haven’t used anything except soundslice for the past like 7 years or so.

Also, if I’m sharing notation for something with a student I tend to share it in soundslice format as much as possible (and have them share their notation with ME in SS as well) because the ability to just share these things via hyperlink is outstanding.

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