Can you recommend a looper pedal

That you can use with overdriven guitars that doesn’t distort when you play over it?

Any looper should do this. The looper has to go after any distortion or overdrive pedals in your signal chain if you play with a clean amp. It needs to go in your amp’s effects loop if you get your distortion from your preamp.

Tom is correct here.

I like the TC Electronic Ditto loopers. The basic Ditto sounds excellent and very easy to use. Ditto Stereo has 2 in/outputs (naturally), but can also load external .wav files like a backing track. Ditto x2 gives some extra effects (reverse, 1/2 speed), and the big Ditto x4 has 2 loop channels + FX.|en)

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I have a Ditto, the basic compact model. It works fine, but it’s a little annoying having only one switch to work with. I’d prefer a second footswitch for operation, but it’s just a practice tool for me, so it’s not really an issue. I’m sure the other models are good too.

As for the higher end loopers, I have a Boomerang III and Sidecar. Great functionality and very intuitive to use, but expensive and a much bigger footprint. Also, the company that produces them was sold to a new owner and production seems to have slowed. It might be hard to find a new one.

Thanks guys. Forgot about the loop.

Going to go with the Boss RC-1 …again

Boss RC-300, Pigtronix Infinity, Electro Harmonix makes some as well.