Canción del Mariachi (solo)

Hello fellow shredders,

I’ve recently purchased a Cordoba Stage Thinbody and I am in love with its sound and touch. It is probably the most comfortable guitar (acoustic or electric) I’ve ever played.

So, here’s a quick test with a solo that has quite a few dbx string changes. Also, I think my technique is transitioning to a sort of Pat Metheny-ish trailing edge, dsx 3-finger grip and I am happy with my progress so far.


Awesome! Sounds great, man! Well done, dude!

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Guess I have to watch Desperado now!

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I saw one of those at GC a few weeks ago and wasn’t aware of it until then. I played it and absolutely loved it. They only had that one in stock and it was all scratched up, one of the knobs was broken, the strings were all corroded and it had lots of visible scratches and they wanted almost full retail price for it. I definitely might get one in the future! Nice guitar you have there!

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Sounds good, I’d love to hear a full arrangement :sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot for the encouraging word, folks!

Thanks a great idea @tommo ! It’d be an excuse to use my recording gear :smiley: .

@paddy50 it is a fantastic guitar indeed. The looks, feel and tone are spot on for a thin electro-acoustic imho.

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