Cannot for the life of me eliminate string hopping

I have been attempting to unlearn string hopping for months. I record myself with the magnet, watch it, and after a few strokes, I’m back to string hopping. How do I start fresh? I’m so frustrated I want to sell all of my guitars because I’m worse at 48 than I was at 14.

My name is also Dan, and I also play Ibanez. haha

Do you have a usable single escape motion right now, or is everything string hopping?

If you don’t have a usable single escape, get that sorted first. That may mean trying some drastically different mechanic than what you’re used to. I am positive something will ultimately work.

If you can already do a single escape and are looking at mixed/DBX, that’s a bit more situation dependent.

Either way, video would be a good start.


What are you trying to replace it with?

Try every different motion mechanic, pick grip, and pick available to you. Introducing variation will help you stumble on something that works. Choosing a mechanic that is radically different than what you’re currently doing will help prevent you from reverting to your bad, ingrained string hopping motor pattern. That is how I learned an efficient mechanic after 10+ years of string hopping.