Caravan Tommy Emmanuel & Joscho Stephan

This preformance is awesome to me, really shows the endurance and tightness of Gypsy Jazz type playing. The constant rythem and accuracy is mesmerizing to me. Especially after a few beers lol

Am I right in thinking there are no drums in this?


how far have you gotten? I have a ton of videos that I like to watch in this genre. Do you have any other videos of players that you like to watch in particular?

i had to rip this to mp3 in case it disappears on youtube because only one person has it on their channel. i dont know if there is anywhere to purchase a video of it.

i promise one day i will anaylze all of this version of armando’s rumba

this was the other song that intrigues me, via jeiro.

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I think you know a lot more than me about Gypsy jazz lol, I enjoy it, I’ve not learned that song “Caravan” but I have been playing in that style for awhile, and It’s helped me play well more than anything.

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i know it’s just the vast wealth of resources of insanely high quality tablature/lessons and the community is so helpful. it’s like i have finally found the light, all thanks to hearing cesario filho’s heavy metal version of bossa dorado by dorado schmitt and him telling me what the song was called cause i always loved when he played it, it just sounded so tasty. :smiley: