Carol Kaye Pick - who makes this model?

I like the Carol Kaye pick, but they are hard to get hold of in large quantity. Anyone know where it comes from, make and model?

I like Carol Kay’s music books and the pick, but don’t need one with Carol’s name on it. Please help if you know.

Not familiar with a Carol Kaye model of pick. What’s it look like?

Lots of folks make teardrop picks.

The fender 358 is a good example.

These are really great.

Cool! Wasn’t aware of this signature model before. But it’s one of the original D’Andrea designs — most picks are:

Model 25 and model 52 from the 1928 catalog are close in shape, and on the next page, the 320 and 320 1/2 from the 1947 catalog are very close also, with the addition of the rubber band grip.

Fender adopted many of its model numbers from the D’Andrea lineup and still uses them today. Not sure that they make any which are quite the same shape as this one.

Close but the 358 has that rounder shape, and is smaller. This appears to be almost a 351-height pick that’s a little narrower. I don’t think Fender makes quite this shape any more, at least thirty seconds of Google isn’t coming up with anything!

Edit: As a side note we have some 451s here, and it’s the strangest animal. It’s a Jazz III-sized pick with the shape of a 351. It’s pretty weird.