Carroll Quigley and the NWO

Hi folks,

This is a “political” post, maybe the first on this forum, It’s not disallowed unless it results in us disrespecting each other.

I believe the scope of this concern is large enough to include us all, as victims or subjects of the past, present and future.

I’d be interested to know how far people are aware of these matters, and I hope maybe actively share the knowledge and pursue the research it deserves if you aren’t already.

As somebody from the “third world” India, I have always questioned the operational motives of the Bank for International Settlements and the petrodollar hegemony. We have been subject to gross injustices like many other nations and know this is by design, yet this fact is not appreciated or widely acknowledged is still very disturbing to me after all these years. To that I must add, I believe a person is a result of society, and not the other way around. And so I find no peace in arrogance and blaming others for these perpetual crimes against humanity.

Corbett here is very nuanced as always, I’m yet to find fault with his research.

This state of the ongoing “virus” incident seems to be part of a larger NWO plan, of this I am certain, for such opportunities are created are never wasted.

There may yet be hope.

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very aware of these matters :raising_hand_man:t2:
also very glad to see I’m not the only one :grin:
excellent video, although not for those with a short attention span

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I’m glad too bro!
Thanks for watching, it is moderately long :wink:

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