Caught Yngwie in a small club last week

Seriously fun show - he was playing in a small venue just over the NH border not too far from a buddy’s place, so we went up for a couple beers, spectacularly bad pizza, and oodles of harmonic minor shred goodness.

Fat Yngwie appears to have only been a phase, as the Yngster was running around in black leather pants and a black vest that a bunch of guys my age wouldn’t have the balls to pull off, looking nearly as fit as his 80s heyday. It sounded like it took him maybe a half song to properly warm up, but he was playing his ass off and sounded great. Also, I shudder to think what his pick budget must have been like - his guitar tech’s primary job was to continuously swap out his pick clips from the mic so he could continue to throw three or four picks at a time into the audience every few minutes. :smile:


picks? he walks to the mailbox lol. freebs

No wonder he’s been losing weight! :smiley:


I am jealous. Never saw Yngwie perform live been a fan since i first heard him. He rarely tours europe.

Small venu! Malmsteen! You are lucky sods.

I saw him twice in the last year,but three times in my life. Once in 1986 when he opened for Triumph, once with Generation Axe,Nov 2018 and second time on the Blue Lightning tour May 2019. He’s still worth going to see, and realtively young. I hope he will keep coming around for a while yet. I took my son to see him, told him “he is one of the best if not the best guitar player in the world”.Have to educate these young folks… i like how he sets up his “wall of Marshalls, no matter what size venue, he Played a theater in May and “The wall” was there, although as my son ponted out it was “alot of marshall heads…” I told my son"thats where he gets the power…” :slight_smile:

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