Chasing good mix... again

After some period of hiatus and not even touching a guitar I am working on another cover.

I decided to quad track everything, lead and rythm guitars play mostly the same stuff throughout the song so it essentialy is eight tracks of the same thing.

My flat and my rig are not well suited towards music production and I don’t have too much experience, so I once again ask for feedback.
Here’s a sample of what I recorded:

I will still be fixing some issues like timing that is off in a few spots.
I haven’t finished “humanizing” the drums yet, and I can’t decide on how much sidechain reverb is enough, or if I even should have it really.
I know there are some artifacts in bass and guitars in opening riff due to crappy muting, I don’t know how to best deal with it other than re-record it. The bass is actually MIDI anyways.
Mostly I am curious what you think about the general tone I am getting and what to improve.

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I think it’s getting better, but I’m still going with the intuition rather than actual knowledge.

I reduced input gain on guitars by 2dB and changed presets a bit, changed the bass plugins and humanized drums to an extent.
Now it got much punchier, but the power chords still sound a bit like a vacuum cleaner and I could not get rid of that farting noise when muting with fretting hand.

I still need to record one solo and fix some timing issues in few spots.
I also gave up on recreating original guitar tone even though I know it was recorded with a Marshall and I am using Marshall based ampsims.

Please note the nasty white noise at the end. It’s coming from bass tracks and it’s really bugging me, since bass tracks are actually midi. Noise gates are useless here since the noise gets louder than actual bass track, I tried using ReaFir as well to substract it from the bass tone but it always cuts away from the tone as well.

After a night’s rest when I compare the first samples to the new ones it kinda feels like the guitars are actually muffled, taking a lot less space in the mix.
Should I be concerned about it and if so, what can I do?