Choose 1 technique or utilize multiple?


I have this dilemma which I’m not sure how to solve. I have 2 different techniques (or rather hand positions) at the moment and both are working great so far but each with slightly different strenghts and weaknesses esp at the lower strings.

One technique i use positions the hand close to the neck and gives me greater muting capabilities for muting string noise. The other technique puts the pinky pad/flesh at the bridge and gives me an easier time palm muting but a little less reliable string noise muting.

Both things are important to me as I mostly play metal, lots of palm muting but also lots of string noise muting needed aswell.

So I wonder should i choose 1 technique and spend 100% of my time perfecting that one, or should i utilize both? I guess there isn’t any universal right answer but any insights or pointers is much appreciated :slight_smile: Both techniqes uses the same motion from the wrist and feels identical if that’s relevent.

Suppose you hire a carpenter to do some work for you.

When he gets to your place, you see that he’s only shown up with one hammer. And every job he does, he just uses that hammer in a bunch of different ways. Sawing? He uses the claw side back and forth. Screws? Just hammers them down. Glue? Nah, just hit the two pieces together with the hammer.

Would you want to hire that carpenter?

Different techniques are like different tools in your toolbox. You can focus on one, certainly, and a lot of players definitely do. However, if you specialise 100% you’ll either have to construct your music specifically so that everything you play can use that technique, or you’ll have to be okay with sounding kinda crappy at some parts.

Develop one technique as your “go-to”, but don’t treat it as if it’s your only option because sometimes you’ll get a better sound using other techniques.