Christmas time, holidays time, bad music time


Christmas time is upon us. It is the time of the year that you can unashamed listen to bad music.

Yeah, I am listening to David Hasselhoff’s “the night before christmas” as I write this. Nothing spells Christmas like the 'Hoff.

You wanna confess? Come on, nothing to be ashamed about. I even listened to Mariah Carey earlier today.


Dominic The Donkey! Chingity Ching!
Happy Holidays!


Lmao I’ve been streaming Christmas Chill Out 24/7 on YouTube… Glad to see I’m not alone in my questionable tastes!


I was going to say Charlie Brown Christmas…but actually totally transcends guilty pleasure, let’s be real, this album’s a bona fide classic!

Happy holidays, all! :snowflake: :christmas_tree: :snowman:

Or for our friends in the southern hemisphere… :sunny: :christmas_tree: :beach_umbrella:


You beat me to it!!! ‘Skating’ is epic.


Not so much “bad”, but a version that takes liberties: I always liked this rendition of “Carol of the Bells”:


i used to love that special. My aunt was actually one of the claymation artists on that project.