Chunking philosophy re: talking the code

Talking the code.
I think Troy likened chunking to
" a layer cake or a protocol stack".

Pick your favorite.

  • Layer cake
  • Protocol stack

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Asking for a friend.

I’m confused, what’s the context here?

Talking the code.
I think Troy likened chunking to " a layer cake or a protocol stack".

It just wiped me out that those were my options.
In the best way possible of course.


Ahaaha totally forgot about that :laughing: That’s a deep cut lmao. Maybe update the title to something more descriptive / add a sentence explaining?

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I have no idea what a protocol stack is and can’t decide if it sounds more like it’s to do with programming or performance enhancing drug use.

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The protocol stack analogy comes from computer network engineering where the lowest level of the “stack” is more hardware oriented, like the actual wire itself, what kind and what are its electrical capabilities, on up to more abstract stuff like what signals the computers actually sending to each other to make the connection, and so on. At the uppermost level things become somewhat readable. For example, if you were to trap the stuff your web browser is sending to our web site, you’d actually see text commands like “GET” and “POST” and stuff. That’s how your browser loads pages from our site. All this stuff, from the hardware level all the way up to the verbal commands you’re sending, is all standardized. That’s how you can plug one device into another and know for sure they can talk.

When it comes to picking technique, the analogy was more about the way the entirety of picking technique fits together, from the lowest level which is more hardware-oriented, e.g which joints you use and how they are moving, to the upper levels which are more logical / abstract, e.g. which pickstroke types these joints allow you to make, and then the level above that, how you choose to mix and match these pickstroke types to play lines, e.g. USX only, USX + DSX, specific ways of combining USX and DSX, and so on.

This is technically still a way I think about picking technique, and I think it’s accurate. But in actual practice I think teaching this stuff the most natural way you’d go backwards, or more like bottom up, if we’re thinking of the stack. Meaning, you don’t start in a very abstract way with the line you want to play. Instead you start with physical capabilities the student can do. Hey, student, here is a pick grip you can use. And here is an arm position that works with that. And here is a motion that works with that. Can you do that motion smoothly? Awesome, here are some lines you can play that use that motion. And then you go from there.

Teacher does the thinking / evaluating, student does the doing, feeling, and listening.

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That has been a huge eye opener and an incredible notion. Even the elites a re confined to their system.
Not saying they cant grow and change but even if they do. They still simply have more system.

Makes it that much more incredible that actual music that we want to hear is arrived at in this way…

I really don’t think of this as being confined, per se. Am I confined to English? What if I didn’t even have English, then I couldn’t speak at all. It’s just a matter of becoming fluent and eloquent in whatever your mode of expression happens to be. And as you say, potentially adding more modes over time. If you like.