Chunking Problem

Firstly, I want to thank you @Troy for all that you have done for people like us struggling with picking techniques. I want to say ever since I became a part of this family my picking has tremendously improved and I am also able to play much faster than before with little efforts.

The problem I have encountered recently is that somehow the CHUNKING method is not working well for me. I notice even with full concentration my picking hand is ahead of my fretting hand. I’ve tried the concept of chunking and I still can’t get both my hands in sync.

Any advice on that?

@tommo also can shed some light.

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Hey @Thilak_John welcome back!

I think you are in a good place - for most people it is the picking hand that struggles to keep up!

I approach chunking in a very simple way: I choose a repeating sequence (4 or 6 notes typically) and try to put a strong accent on the first note of each group. Nothing revolutionary, pretty much the same idea that Petrucci outlined in Rock Discipline many years ago :slight_smile:


@Thilak_John Ben Eller has put out some really good videos relating to hand synchronization and chunking on his youtube channel. I’ve benefited greatly from them and he breaks it down in a really understandable way. Best of luck dude!


Hey @tommo

Thank you and I’ll try that :blush: hope to get better in this technique.

Thank you and I’ve watched that video. Somehow my brain sends out wrong signals I guess :joy: my picking hand is faster than the fretting hand… I hope to get better at this technique.