Cliffs of Dover intro cover

Really happy I am finally able to reproduce this iconic solo with an acceptable degree of accuracy. I’ m using usx with all fingers grazing the top of the guitar for the pentatonic runs, a rather neutral pick slant for the hybrid picking part and I revert to my old dsx technique for the final descending run. I also have somewhat long nails here , which I found makes my hybrid picking considerably smoother in feel and attack. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Wow. That was AMAZING! Very well done.

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Thanks for listening Joe :slight_smile: You know I thought getting comfortable with both usx and dsx would also ‘automatically’ sort double escape for me as well… but I was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Disqualified! You used DSX in the last run, and EJ would never do that.

I called the EJ police and they’ll be at your door soon.

Joking obviously, amazing performance and proof that you don’t always have to imitate every single detail of the greats, you can find your own, equally effective methods :+1: :+1:


:rofl: Thanks Tommo :rofl:
In the past I’ d devised an all-dsx fingering for the entirety of this intro, I kept this last part as i found it provides better muting right after switching techniques from hybrid.

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Awesome playing! Love the tone also :fire:

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Thanks a lot! That’s Archetype: Nolly by Neural Dsp, amp 2 with an overdrive pedal in front . I think it’s supposed to be modelled after a marshall jcm800.

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Very cool playing. Well done. I’ve been working on this one for awhile too. As I’ve worked through more and more of Troy’s seminars, this intro doesn’t sound as impossible as it once did. Of course, there’s still the mental hurdle of “It’s Eric Johnson, I’ll never get it to sound right” but you’ve done a great job here and it’s encouraging for us mere mortals to see that it can be done.


It can definitely be done. Trust in Troy’s material :grin:

At this point the biggest challenge was the hybrid picked part and switching to a rapidly descending scale right afterwards. I fit a sneaky pull-off there to allow my hand time to readjust.

But these are the kinds of things that make playing the guitar fun for me now , every demanding piece of music is a problem that can be approached in multiple ways , all perfectly valid. Hopefully we can focus on playing the actual music now instead of fretboard gymnastics

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OMG that’s basically perfect!

I like the switch to DSX, which is basically how Bonamassa tackles very (pattern-wise) similar runs as EJ does. TNPS and odd groupings with sweep à la EJ are fully symmetrical under escape stroke changes.


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Really outstanding, sounds like you have it about 98-99% perfect

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You could use the bounce technique here instead of hybrid picking right?

Sounds so good! Ive always cheated and used more pull offs than Eric does, making the effort to pick really does give it a special sound

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Where exactly? I don’t think it’s possible for the pedal note section, bounce is equivalent to string hopping. Maybe you could in the slower ascending arpeggio section that comes before, but I wouldn’t use it for anything really. I avoid it even at low-medium speeds. I hope I understand you correctly.

I can’t work out how Eric plays the last lick of this intro. You switch to dsx, which makes sense, I’ve tried to find a USX way to pick and I can’t :sweat_smile:

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Troy covers this in Cascade. I can never remember if he came to a conclusion or if it remained a mystery.

I recall him floating ideas like hammer from nowhere and also a springy type motion (Troy demos on a snare) that drummers do.

I know in my own playing, USX + hammer from nowhere on that final note is really easy and it sounds convincing. Pretty sure that was NOT what EJ did but it works.

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Ah thanks for that! I was driving myself mad trying to figure it out! :sweat_smile:

The deju vu hit me hard…I knew we’ve discussed this on here in more details lol


Why not swipe it?

Still needs some work. Possibly metronome practice to control the swipe. And I need to learn how to extend the fingers better, all that classical training makes them always automatically curl. Not so good for muting :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s how I do it, it’s like a swipe/sweep haha

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