Cliffs of Dover Intro Jam & Improvisation in the style of Eric Johnson (by Peter C)

Hey all,

Hope 2020 is getting off to a good start, and I wanted to revisit a classic that I first played (with the help of CTC lessons) exactly a year ago, except this time I extended the intro and played over it- just whatever came into my head, in the style of EJ and not so EJ :slight_smile:

As for the gear: TH58 LP, Tubescreamer, Belle Epoch Deluxe, Marshall 2061x.

The Belle Epoch Deluxe was used for the delay / infinite hold function.

I’m not that great with naming techniques, but it’s a bunch of DuDD chunks, carefully placed slides and hammerons to get 3 notes per string, and a couple 4 string sweeps (which is basically noob level I hear). Still working on playing around with the swing of the licks and extending them whenever possible.

Can’t thank Troy enough for the lessons and the warm welcome when I first got here- and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I may have been the reason for this sub-forum, but it’s been even better watching others perform and improvise here, so thank you moderators :slight_smile:


So nice!
I hope I can play like you


Oh you flatter me :slight_smile:

Before CTC, I was the one making excuses for not practicing and berating “soulless shredders” for I was a “feel player,” constantly patting myself on the back for any little progress I made in lieu of two arm surgeries :slight_smile: Decided to stop being jealous of monster players and put in the work- though I still got a long ways to go.

I hope this joke is acceptable…

Did the surgeries involve replacing your arms with EJ’s arms? That would explain a lot :wink:


Ha I wish! I’ll be happy just to have a thumb!

I broke my left wrist when I rammed into a (parked) car riding on my heelys (those wheeled shoes).

Then I broke my left elbow arm-wrestling.

Life is odd sometimes. 12 months after all that I escaped without a scar in a bike vs. car accident. I did a tony hawk 900 but the other way and landed on my head. Got up like a champ and walked home with a unicycle as a trophy.

Come to think of it, maybe that really did flip a switch inside my head.

This needs to be a movie.

Hit on the Head, Now He Can Shred


Nice stuff.

In the spring I want to see if I can get Eric Johnson’s Manhattan improved from my earlier efforts. I kept some of the tabs from my old guitar magazines and one of them is Guthrie Govan’s rendition of that song which he put together from the album version together with bits from the G3 concert version.

Have you tried Eric Johnson’s Manhattan, as any tips would be useful?

You’re a lucky man. I did one of those this summer, had a driver try to take a left hand turn through traffic and didn’t see me coming the other direction at 25mph in the bike lane, evidently, and while I walked away from the crash, it was with my arm in a sling and a broken collarbone.

On the bright side, I was eyeing one of the new Specialized Venges anyway… Just didn’t want to do it that way. :rofl:

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