Clips from my practice sessions


Clip from todays practice session. Been playing with this backing track for a few days, haveing a lot of fun with the mindless improv playing… ding’s n warts all unedited.

Thanks for listeing!
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we should all take one backing track per month and lay down solos for it etc…compare notes and fingerings and picking ideas blah blah

im so lazy though lol


That’s a damn good idea. This one’s from the Fhilo module 2, tuned half step down. That second vide in module 2 just made the penny drop for me. I’ve just stopped everything else and using it to get the basics down.

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we did this before on another forum. We had a cheesy sort of 80s backing track and had a light hearted ‘competition’. That was in like late 2014 or maybe early 2015? Interesting time in my development because I had just seen the CTC stuff and of course some light bulbs had went off. But nothing was grooved yet

So it goes to show the point I often make. having “head knowledge” means next to nothing unless you figure out and develop the practice habits to get things grooved.

It was funny because in my head “I had it” etc. But “it” wasnt all that much yet and “it” would go away quickly lol. So I was going to do my submission to this friendly contest we were having and I was all ham fisted. I was like “where did it go??”. So I went for a walk and when I came back I finally got a half decent take and the feeling I had was to keep my thumb closer to the strings…which of course as we know will promote easier uwps etc.

I wont post that track until I somehow find the un-laziness to record something current to at least show improvement. I was semi proud of that one take track back then but there was still no real chops showing.

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essentially what are you doing on the ascending runs like the one at the very beginning. is that chromatic or what?


Sounds tight! Some nice, smooth runs in there, fast and clean. Good stuff. :metal::guitar:

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Those runs are seven notes on two strings, 3 and 4 ascending each string. Plain major scale.


yeah but is that ascending chromatically? (7 notes, move up a fret 7 notes etc?)

which vid are you talking about in module 2? Im not sure i have them in order anymore. you talking about the 9:30 long vid where he shows the volcano pattern?


… and so on up and down, anywhere. Basically 7 note sequences.

It’s the vid where he’s showing you vertical movements ( string to string on three note per string scales), like going to a lower string using inside picking, and descending using outside picking ( last note on sting up stroke, and down on the lower note on the next string). Order the vids by name, it’s the second one.

edit: in that vid later he demos it with a backing track and starts mixing the single note stuff with the string change moves he just showed. That little bit just made a light bulb go off in my head.

Been discovering a few things while sticking to this one track, it’s been maybe 4 or 5 days, but I couldn’t hear the melodic minor till last night on that groove, things just start making sense as I stumble along, suddenly a lot of the arps I was using with other Malmsteen tracks started to fit in, I guess it’s what modal means.

I think sticking to one track for a while helps, you get to know the landscape, and it’s so open-ended, safe to explore and discovers nooks and crannies till the picture gets HD in your head, I’m still walking the peripheries.

edit2: melodically I think I’m just about scratching the surface, but I think It’s finally making sense to me. More than anything I’d like to play melodically with competence. Having the speed and reach really helps my short term memory cope with forgetfulness to explore at this stage, if that makes any sense. Also, certain things are beginning to feel like textures, like a flurry of arpeggios for example. Really enjoying this stage of practical discovery, had all the theory but never the tactile capability to feel/use it.

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Thanks Skye! Just trying to move around and learn the scales all over.


Some very cool stuff in there.
I like the nice melody in about the middle and some sweet well placed bursts.

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a short clip from today; not the best take; just knowing I have a camera on me makes me awkward.