Clockface orientation question

How does the clockface metaphor orient on the face of the guitar? I have looked at the primer explanations and it simply eludes me. I’m finding the crosspicking seminars difficult to understand because of the continued reference to clockface oriention. I have what I understand to be a pronated wrist like David Grier. This is my natural position. where is the clock face? In front of my hand? Underneath my hand? Help!

@Bosco Here’s my crude artistic representation of the clock face!

My hand is pretty flat on the face of the guitar, so the clock face (“glued” to the front of my fist) has the 12 o’clock line pretty perpendicular to the face of the guitar:

Here I tried to pronate my wrist more. The 12 o’clock line is now more diagonal to the face of the guitar:

I hope these help!

Hi Tim! Thanks for the note — I was in transit and just saw your email, and I asked you post this on the forum. Which… you already did!

Here’s the explainer on the clock stuff:

You shouldn’t really need to focus on this too much though. It’s more for the technically minded who want to know exactly which type of wrist motion the wrist is making. The wrist motion tutorials don’t mention the clock stuff at all. And the “Testing Your Motions” section makes passing reference to it, but mostly deals with tapping on tables.

Have you taken the table tests yet, and what numbers did you get? If you suspect speed or stringhopping issues, that’s really the best place to start.

Hey Pepepicks66! This is precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!!

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Thank you Troy. For my purposes, the post by Pepepicks66 explains what I was trying to understand. Having the visual with the guitar and the wrist orientation pointing at the clock face was the missing link for me. I will also say that the crosspicking sequence really was helpful for me. I’m fairly certain I have figured out the correct approach for me and have been able to play some complicated stuff clean and relaxed.
Let’s see if I can consistently replicate it.

Regarding the tests, I am able to play a clean tremolo on one string, but it is elbow generated. When I flat pick I am using pronated position and, when I’m warmed up and relaxed, I can play complicated stuff like Black and White Rag or Little Rock Getaway. Just not as fast as I want to. I have not figured out how to blend the elbow with the wrist or slow down the elbow . It’s a completely different type of motion and is almost like oscillation. This is the dilemma.
I need to learn how to take a video and post it.
Thanks for all