Close to an "Aha" Moment with Crosspicking... Maybe

Okay, I think I evolved a bit this week - I have watched the Crosspicking with the wrist and the Molly Tuttle videos a few times and I think that what I was doing previously when alternate picking arpeggios was definitely string-hopping. Main clues? 16ths could not move past 120. Triplet 8ths (Tumeni notes) mess out at about 176 bpm.

So this week’s takeaways from the videos is the big wrist deviation pick movement, I implemented that and immediately jumped up a few metronome notches. It is going to take a lot of getting used to, but I did notice that it’s a lot more relaxed and somehow, even though it feels like I am swooping over the strings it’s like you can cherry pick any string. A very different sensation… So I present my fastest (yet still horribly messy) version of a 3 string triad roll kind of thing and I have to ask;

1) Does this look right to those of you who know what to look for? It feels different and I made some gains, but maybe I am deluding myself and perhaps maybe kazoo is where it’s at for me… lol

2) In the video, Troy mentions going left to right, side to side of the “laser pointer” arm, and things will fall into place. On 3 strings, or even two this (I think) seems to be the case, but how do I practice a single string with this motion? Does it make sense to have the picking motion still deviate very widely and kind of cover the distance of all 3 strings?

3) When I THINK I am Pronated, I catch myself kind of supinated… and the reverse… is this kind of inconsistency bad or can I muddle through with this as an adequate start?

4) lol Am I deluded and still stringhopping?

Thanks so much to anyone who has some input, I will take all the help I can get. On the bright side this is really helping my wrist mechanic hahaha

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Getting ready to dig into practice today. Let’s see if the “Aha moment” feeling is still there or if it’s another false start…

Hey @Scottulus! The principle seems good here (just going for it, not worrying about being super precise). That’s what we always recommend for learning a new motion.

However, I would ditch the metronome and push the speed a little further — see what happens then!

Also - am I hearing some harmonies from Radiohead’s “paranoid android”? :slight_smile:

lol I have been known to steal from “real music” and try to use it to my own ends.

Thanks for the feedback, tonight I thought I’d try a piece I am pretty familiar with, but this time with alternate picking. I tried to keep it short, hopefully it’s watchable and not too painful.

I am not sure what I am seeing here technique-wise. I want to believe that I am on the right track but it really, really feels like I have hit a “wall” as far as tempos go, Sure i can do it sloppy and super fast and honestly I have been kind of working my way down from a very fast tempo to an “edge of ability” tempo…

But I am very, very concerned that I am just barking up the wrong tree technique-wise, I mean I have read here time and time again how if you can’t break 16ths at 130bpm or so, then it’s stringhopping, and inefficient etc and here I am at maybe 100bpm struggling with life. Literally every note I play makes me wonder if I am doing this wrong or what… lol I am starting to feel like just pounding out reps is not as conducive to the results as one might think, maybe it’s occasionally stumbling across a pretty close facsimile of the technique, and then from there just trying to remember what a “successful one” felt like?

Kind of funny actually… :grinning: Anyways, here’s Bach Orchestral Suite in D with all alternate picking, attempted crosspicking I guess… I’ll save the Tumeni Notes massacre for a bit later… hahahaha

Orchestral Suite in D (10.4 KB)

Hmmn, I noticed in the previous clip as well as this one I kind of had my pinky down - that’s a thing I seem to do with my elbow motion stuff. I’m not sure if it helps or hinders with crosspicking.

Honestly, I was more interested in just developing a wrist mechanic and then I got interested in Troy’s Crosspicking w/ Wrist videos, and of course Martin Miller and Molly Tuttle. Awesome. I watched them quite a bit and am now trying to make some sense of the information, you know? To “see” if I can actually do it or if I am doomed to just keep doing things the way I do them lol

Anyways, there’s a section where Troy is talking about “oh it’s just as easy as this” and does a downstroke towards his volume knob I don’t know what it is he’s saying to do other than it’s “just as easy as that” - I am Dense AF with this stuff, but I really want to learn it so any help would be appreciated lol I included a drawing, and it’s almost for me, feeling like a sort of triangle, or maybe an “X”… is that in the realm of possibility? Or completely out to lunch…? I mean there is a very wide spectrum of interpretation where something that’s clear as day to the person doing it is absolutely baffling to the person learning it. Don’t get me wrong, I love your stuff and how you present it guys - really awesome and thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate it and I have learned tons about my own playing from haunting this site. Great stuff.

So my diagram is basically this - starts with a downstroke going (I guess) diagonally towards the volume knobs - and then it straightens out (I think) to miss the string I just picked and ergo be able to pick the string below or above it. Very rough diagram, lol it’s close -ish to what I am doing (I think)

I was previously only using a deviation that went side to side, and my wrist started to hurt quite a bit because I was doing it a lot. like, 3-4 hours a day kind of thing… Changing the downstroke to go in that angle seemed to remove any pain whatsoever, but I am curious if maybe THAT is what Troy is talking about when he says “Oh it’s just this” and does the mystery downstroke…

Thanks in advance, guys. And yeah, Tumeni needs some love I know. :grinning:

Oh and here’s the diagram, whups…