Code Core 404 error in getting started

I was going to read Code Core but the link gives a 404 error.

Sorry, we moved that section into “Picking Motion”!

Ah I see, thought maybe the site had an error. :slight_smile:

We decided “code core” was too unclear about what this really is - which is a basic intro to picking motions. So now it’s in a more logical place (we think!) - because it flows nicely from the sections on pick choice and pick grip.

What link did you follow that gave you the error? Is it still somewhere on the website? Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s this one right here, I followed the link from dashboard > pick slanting primer > getting started with the primer

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Fixed! Sorry for the confusion. We’re always adding new stuff, so just let us know if you find any more dead ends like this.

Will do, thanks guys!