Cold weather warm-ups?

Winter’s coming. I think everyone is aware of that, at least on the northern hemisphere.
Here in Central Europe there is just about 7* Celsius outside at the moment, so it’s fairly cool.
Worse yet, in my room it’s not too warm either - my fingers and arms are as stiff as a piece of wood.
It’s not pleasant at all, my picking speed is 150BPM tops at the moment, not to mention it’s mildly irritating not to have full control over my own fingers.

Warm ups become essential, but here’s the deal - sometimes I can warm up for hours, and have mediocre results, and as soon as I put my guitar down all the effort goes to waste. Sometimes the warm up leaves me more stiff due to muscle tension.

Do you guys have any advice on an effective warm up that will actually work?

I don’t have to deal with much cold in my home but I did notice after playing on the Nintendo Switch for 30+ minutes that when I switched to guitar, both hands were almost completely warmed up. I realize that isn’t a temperature thing but the best I can suggest is to get warmed up before hand whether that’s with hand exercise or even just sticking your hands in hot water (and dry them off immediately and completely after) until they’re uncomfortably warm.

Hot water only helps with feeling cold on the surface, but muscles are not warmed up.

I turn on a space heater in the winter then go make a tea. I know it’s not a ‘hand warm up’ but makes the space more bearable for practice. Hand warm up is just playing around rather unintentionally on guitar. I feel well on the way after about 10 min.

hold a cup of warm water, wear fingerless gloves around the house

Have you ever tried to play guitar wearing some gloves (Any material)?

Nah, never tried it.

I did what you guys advised - cranck up the heating, hot tea and all that. After decent amount of practice I was able to do 160 BPM single notes across three strings (I am trying to record some riffs for a drummer) in short bursts, I got too tense afterwards so I gave myself a brake and then 120 BPM triplets (at least I think it’s triplets) and regular 16th notes for a cover, this went much better.

But what I notice is I can get “sort of” warmed up, but still not quite at my max potential, with my muscles still cold deep inside. Then I force them to work faster causing exhaustion.
Maybe I just lost a few BPM and being cold has nothing to do with it.