Continuing to improve USX - seeping into my improvisation

DSX comes naturally and in the last year I’ve found that many of my hangups (most!) in playing some of my own music and improvising can be fixed by simply shifting to USX. so I’ve focused on USX because I believe that a LOT of my left hand fingerings over the years have simply been a result of learning licks from others who play that way — and now it’s as if I have a mismatch between my right hand orientation and my left hand sequencing.

I think I’m slowly fixing that!

I was improvising the other day and played this and played this out of nowhere. Not perfectly, but almost! I stopped to examine what I’d done, tried reversing it and recorded this short video.

Commentary / Explanation

Instead of just posting a video / link by itself with no context, let us know: Why did you make this? What techniques or musical ideas are you exploring? Anything you’d like feedback on?