Cool Beato interview with Vai, Belew, Levin & Carey

Interesting Beato interview below with Steve Vai, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Danny Carey. They are forming a band to play 80’s King Crimson material in an upcoming Beat tour. Vai mentions replacing Malmsteen and then EVH with DLR and now having to play Fripp’s stuff.


Another nice interview/discussion with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. They talk about the recording process and how it has changed, about their relationship and when Joe taught Steve when they were teens, they talk about Alan Holdsworth and Jimi Hendrix (favorite guitar solo of all time: live Machine Gun) and their current recording and tour plans with each other.


One thing I’ve noticed watching Steve Vai in a few interviews lately is how cool and honest, humble, present and relatively ego-less he is. Also very knowledeable and experienced in general. It’s a pleasure watching and listening to him speak and tell stories. I’ve never been the hugest Vai fan though I love this part (as well as some others songs of his) from Blue Powder from 2:02 - 2:30 and also that distortion that happens at 3:23:

He was actually Beato’s first ever interview a while back (which is mentioned at the end of the discussion).

Joe Satriani is also pretty friendly during this discussion. I’ve liked a few of his songs including some of the tracks on NOTE (just noticed that spells note) and SWTA like Driving at night, Rubina, Circles, Ice 9, Echo and later Until we say goodbye.

Always liked this solo from Dreaming #11, Memories

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I’ll never tire of hearing Levin’s bass playing, especially the stuff he did with Peter Gabriel.

So and Paul Simon’s Graceland are by far my favorite 80s bass albums.

@tomsters I love Satch’s ballads, only guitarist aside from Buckethead that comes close to Santana in that respect for me.

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Yeah I agree.

I like this short jam EVH does with Jan Hammer and Tony Levin

I like their interactions and it looks like they are just having fun and EVH plays so well and confidently with this group of very strong musicians. His control of time and sense of rhythm is high level.

Speaking of Jan Hammer, he had some nice MIami Vice related tracks like Rain, The Talk, Flashback and Evan.

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Mahavishnu Orchestra is one of my favorite instrumental groups that first lineup was amazing.

Jan’s playing on Billy Cobham’s Spectrum is very good as well. He, Tommy Bolin, Cobham, and Lee Sklar are phenomenal on this cut.

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