Cool view of Gilbert's technique

The youtube engine recommended this clip to me today and I thought the rest of you might enjoy it as well:

You see pretty clearly how he anchors his hand here as he plays the eponymous lick :sweat_smile: He also talks a little but about how he moves between being more or less supinated “when the upstrokes or downstrokes are being accentuated”.


It has already been posted here almost a year ago. And many times at that. He does go into how he uses somewhat of a rotation, but if you look at his picking up to speed, it’s not as pronounced as he’s explaining.

Ah, I tried searching for the URL but I suppose it’s here under an alias. I’ll just delete this topic then. Thanks for letting me know!

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I would leave it. Maybe there will be a better discussion than last time. Many just seemed to write it off, and Troy even commented that it wasn’t very useful from (maybe from his perspective), but honestly I found it as useful as anything else posted. The shorter version has been posted a few times with the slow down enabled, and this longer version at least leases you hear his thoughts on it.

You get a pretty clear view of how he anchors that I found illuminating. I sort of suspected that’s how he did it, after wrestling with getting muting in the right places on Technical Difficulties, but it’s good to get it confirmed.

It looks really similar to the Andy Wood style lightly supinated form from a distance, but the anchor point seems to be more on the flesh on the pinky side of the palm and less on the hypothenar eminence. Presumably there’s some overlap, since the contact point is fairly large, but it also seems to be a bit more distal.

He’s always shown the part of the hand he muted with in interviews. What strikes me is how it looks. Usually muting there forces a downward pick slant with most people because it rotates the wrist away from the strings, but Paul seems to be fairly neutral. Most people would have to force that

I think he’s explaining two way pickslanting in an exaggerated motion to get the point across.
In this video he gives, in my opinion, his best tip, about the angle of attack, letting the pick do the work for you.

This video is also a great example by Rowan J Parker

I’d really recommend everyone watch this vid by Rowan as he is a seriously good player that had this experience of increased speed at a later age. The angle of the pick really does make a massive difference if you want to “shred”.

One lesson my dad gave me a long time ago when sawing wood, is “let the tool do the work”.

This is all about alternate picking mind. If you do single pick escape this isn’t as important. I personally prefer a single pick escape with pull offs, it’s far more relaxed for my hands. And I’m a lazy mf.

Paul has been incredibly vocal about edge picking for years and years, and it’s one of the most visually obvious queues he has- that’s no surprise, but what he isn’t mentioning is that he isn’t just gliding over the strings with no resistance, if you try to do that, you get little to no transient attack on the string, especially with a rounded tip pick (which he used around the time of the top video you posted) and Paul has plenty of that attack. It’s one of the most defining features of his playing and stands out because of how little force he claims to use while picking. Sure enough in that lesson video the op posted from that top down angle, and even the one on here already that has that part slowed, you can see he uses pretty small controlled movements. He also uses very subtle and controlled thumb and finger movement to aid.

Are you sure he used a rounded tip in the vid I posted? Idk how he would get such clarity with the angle he’s using if so. It’s really low definition video, I can’t see his pick well.

Yes. They were standard orange Dunlop .60mm. Or red .50 depending on day. That’s what he used back then near the get out of my yard album, Dunlop confirmed and he shows it in his instructional video at that time. Here he starts at the 1:10 mark:

Now he uses .60 Dunlop wedges you can see in the op’s vid.


I have Dunlop .60mm, and a bunch of 50’s and many others, They all have the same point, the standard pick point, not too sharp, not too round, in the middle.


I’ve often thought about this as many players I love just chuck picks to fans and then grab brand new picks. Evh and Yngwie Malmsteen come to mind. I have seen this in many sports too, the best players use the standerd gear really effectively and can preform just as well with new equipment if not better than worn equipment.

Probably is pointing to the fact it’s all in the hands and not the gear used.
Though Angling the pick without a doubt helps alternate picking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He’s back to somewhat pointier now and uses these, that’s what you see in the op’s vid:

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Something to put on the Christmas wishlist :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why wait, just swing down to the local GC and drop the whole $1.50 on yourself this weekend.

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Idk if we have guitar center in England? I live here and have no idea lol.

One thing I do notice in Paul’s lesson posted by @lars is he does that double picking motion, @Pepepicks66 made a thread about this too recently. exercise with double picking.

That double picking motion builds up escape motion in the hand. If you do it enough it becomes automatic. Do that for both directions and you get both sides of alternate picking working and just juggle them back n forth

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Well if you look at a lot of Paul’s playing (as well as a lot of people) he likely uses different motions at different speeds. When he’s doing that up stroke shuffle drill in the video (which is really hard to do by the way) he kind of is over embellishing it a little to the point his upstrokes look like he’s using flexion and extension to pick them almost like a chicken pecking. Obviously he has to be rotating a bit to actually catch the string else you just jab the string. If he were to use that exaggerated motion at speed it would look like string hopping V.

When he’s actually playing fast it’s much more nuanced than he’s showing. and his forearm rotation very subtle. It looks like a very shallow scoop of DBX, very controlled, and I don’t hear or see the swiping some have claimed to hear from him.