Could you share an economy picking melodic pattern?

I’ve taken to economy picking somewhat well, but I’d like to see about adopting some patterns I am not familiar with. Here is a pattern I came up with the other day:

Stave 1:


You can create your own if you have a different one, all I ask is that it can be played with economy picking. This site has a free tab creator you can copy and paste from:

thanks in advance

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I’ve borrowed this 4-notes-per-string picking pattern from Marshall Harrison interview. Here are some variations of it I came up with. They should be moved up and down the neck. (Sorry, no tablature – I couldn’t figure out how to notate picking direction.)


Here’s a set of exercises I give students for practicing accents and control within economy picking

The whole point here is the accents as people typically have a hard time accenting within economy.

So observe the accents closely and use strict economy:


If someone could put this into tab I would appreciate it.


---------5-7-8-7-5-8-7-5------------- :
-5-7-8----------------------8-7-5----- :
D U D /D U D U D U /U D U (repeat)

Or 5-6-8 (or 5-6-8/5-7-8, or 5-6-7/5-6-7, etc.)

Works out economy ascending and descending – I was trying to get economy movement into a “chunkable” exercise.

That’s 14 notes for an 8th/16th feel.

Here’s 12 notes for a triplet feel:

---------5-7-8-7-5-8-7-5-------- :
-5-7-8----------------------8----- :
D U D /D U D U D U /U (repeat)

If anyone wants to post some slo-mo of this, I’d really like to see it.


Tab for notated figure. This is D and G strings only (string indications as written below staff in the notated version). Hope this helps!



Claus has some good stuff…I recommend searching his free videos.

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Basically you can create whatever pattern you want keeping in mind simple rule:
If you want to move in one direction (ascending or descending) you use odd number of notes per string. If you want to change direction - use even number of notes.

or ultraminimalistic:
–7-9-----7-9----- …