Cover of R.B.N.C.S.F. No. 2 by Joe Stump - and greetings from Mexico!

Hey guys!

It’s such a pleasure to salute you all, i discovered this site some months ago and i think it’s awesome!
So much talent over here!
I’ve been playing electric guitar for 24 years, been self taught for a while, taken lessons from different teachers and sources as well.

I love neo-classical, death, prog, black, shred and thrash metal, as well as blues, jazz and classical music.

I’d like you guys to do me this one favor and check out my rendition of one of the hardest tunes i’ve ever learned and tried to transcribe note by note, all by ear, since there’s not any score or tabs for it:
I’m talking about R.B.N.C.S.F. No.2 by Joe Stump (the title stands for Ritchie Blackmore’s Neo Classical Shred Fest No. 2) from the 1997 Supersonic Shred Machine album.
I’ve spent like 20 years trying to get it done, and i still have some mistakes but i’m glad for what i’ve done so far anyway.

I’m also very thankful to Joe Stump, who has been such a great guitar hero to me as well as a very kind and cool guy, he actually handed me that backing track and i couldn’t be more honored for it!

Anyway, i hope you guys take a couple minutes and tell me what you think, here’s the link:

Thanks in advance! lml


Hey, welcome! Thanks for joining and sharing this cover! Would you like me to move this to the #show-and-tell section and update the title? That might make it more clear to everyone that there’s an awesome video to check out here :smiley:

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Hey, thank you very much, Brendan!

I’d be glad if you please!
Thanks for taking the time to check it out, feel free to move it and update the title.

Cheers! lml

Wow! Amazing playing!

Your technique looks spectacular, especially what you are doing with your thumb.

And Welcome!


Thank you so much, @J.P.Amboss!

You’re so kind, I’m glad you liked it, thanks for watching!

Cheers! lml

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Nicely done, awesome technique! Elbow pickers unite!


Wow, what a way to start my day! Really enjoyed that. Amazing track and you did a killer job on it. Thanks so much for sharing this.


That was just awesome. Thank You.

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Well done! Your determination and dedication is admirable.

Joe Stump is a very cool guy.
Excellent player and teacher.

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Thank you very much, @shredhead7!
Thanks for watching!

Shred on! lml

Thanks a lot, @NCASO!

Glad you liked it, Shred on! lml

Thank you so much, @Twangsta!

You’re very kind, thanks a lot.

Cheers! lml

That is more than excelent indeed. Joe Stump is one of my hero too. Great job.

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Thank you very much, @rajiam!
You’re very kind.
Cheers! :metal:t5:

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