Cracking the Code Intro Solo

Am I TOTALLY out of my mind or is this lick starting on a downstroke in the video and an upstroke on the tab below it?

I’ve been shedding it both ways this afternoon, and I could see the upside of either pickstroke–but I don’t have this thing up to Troyspeed (tm?) yet, so I can’t say that it won’t glitch out for me with one technique or the other, but I think if you grab any measure of the scalar section and set it up on loops, you see the it starting every group of 8 on a downstroke, and some really clear upstroke leads on “the second string” of a pair, like you obv would on 3 note per string runs.

Also, this is such a cool sounding lick at max… I must steal it. It shall be mine. It sounds like Nuno playing with delay, cept… it’s just sick picking.

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Upstroke. It’s done with a USX picking motion so the final note on every string needs to be an upstroke for pure alternate picking to work smoothly. I know it looks a little backwards, but the bar lines don’t matter — it’s the string changes that need to be upstrokes.

Thanks for taking the time. It’s gotta be an issue of sound and video slowed down making things look wonky to me. Appreciate it. Didn’t want to clock too many hours and then find out I was going to have to re-think/re-approach, since this is already notated.

Lol, should definitely be a thing…