Crazy Train Solo Cover


Another one I did a few years ago. Randy Rhoads is one of my all time favorite players, and a huge influence.

My version is a combination of the studio recording, Randy’s live improvisations and a little Zakk Wylde thrown in there too. I like to take ideas from various versions of solos - the original artist improvising, or another player who came up with some different ideas - plus a bit of your own stuff thrown in. I love hearing things note for note also, but I dig changing things up a bit - even if it’s something simple like over-emphasizing certain notes or just general dynamics.

Something that Randy does in the live version that I love is he changes up that trill just before the final run for a really smooth, melodic legato run - I do it pretty much the same way, maybe a tad different, but it’s something I always loved that I incorporated. Hope you enjoy!