Crosspicking (Or DBX) vs Stringhopping Tempo cap

Okay, I am making headway on this 1nps double escape thing… I think lol But I do some stupid questions maybe y’all could help clarify?

  1. At what tempo does the potential for it being “string hopping” stop? I am thinking that again, if it’s straight 16ths at about 140 BPM, there’s no way it can be stringhopping right?

  2. I am pretty sure I am maintaining the same “feeling” as my tempo descends from a sloppy 150 down to a pretty not too bad 110; is it possible to “think” you have that same feeling when in reality you are getting away with ‘whatever’ via stringhopping?

  3. I am very certain I am swiping like crazy; especially as I get fatigued on a thing - is that a normal thing that happens as one develops this; or is it a compensation unique to those of us that suck? lol Regardless, my muting is getting a lot better on the swipes and it’s sounding not too bad. Certainly not super-squeaky clean, but it seems to be working out…

lemme know, fellas…

Doing 1nps “crosspicking” at that speed with decent endurance would likely mean you’re pretty efficient, so I wouldn’t think you’d be “stringhopping” much at all.

Not too sure about this question. Do you mean is it possible to just slow down your 150 BPM technique down without adding in some degree of “stringhopping”?

I believe that swiping in this context is a small mistake; the opposite being a missed note (swiping being not enough clearance between string changes, missed notes being too much clearance). I think you’d notice them less as you gain more efficient / accurate movement.

All in all, I maintain that “stringhopping” is not always a big deal. If you’re playing what you intend to play at the speed you want, then it’s a non-issue. However, if you’re not hitting the tempo you need and you (or someone else) notices stringhopping / inefficient movement, then it’s a problem. I’m pretty sure when I play in the low 100s BPM 16ths, I let some inefficient movement sneak in here and there, but it’s not a concern at that moment.

Yes exactly; but you kind of answered it anyways - I suppose that at those slower tempos, it just doesn’t matter because “stringhopping” works.

I must say that I have had to change a lot about my playing to make any headway on 1 nps material, lol quite a bit of work and trial and error, with a lot of “oh I think I have it now” moments that end up resulting in FAIL hahaha

At slower tempos, it’s really not an issue so long as you are hitting all the notes you intend to. I think most peoples techniques change at slower tempos anyway, because a super efficient technique isn’t necessary or even desirable at slower speeds. For as much talk as you hear about consistency, very rarely do you see people pick the exact same slow as they do fast. At slower speeds you tend to see much more exaggerated movements

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Yeah… it’s VERY tempting to “sit” at a “clean” tempo, you know, about 100 bpm, and grind for several weeks incrementing 1 bpm at a time or something like that but… that just doesn’t work. I think part of the battle is accepting it for what it “is” at a higher tempo (maybe a bit messy) and get comfortable at that. That is… get comfortable with hearing it be a bit on the messy side and “clean up” as you go…

It sure does take a lot of discipline to be able to suffer through one’s own messy playing hahaha

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