Crosspicking technique check

Hi guys,

I’m working on developing my crosspicking technique, and I’m running into some speed limits and snags.

I find the downward roll pattern particularly difficult, and when I perform the alternating ascending-descending patterns, I tend to have trouble avoiding two opposing issues: either I string-hop and fatigue quickly or my notes run together like double-stops. I also notice that I seem to be using different movements for different patterns.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hey @kalokagathia , sorry for the delay on this!

I can’t easily tell if you are string-hopping or not in this clip, but it may be the case (the fact you feel fatigue / can’t speed it up may indicate that)

Based on what you report, perhaps counterintuitively, the faster and less accurate movement may be the most promising one that you could aim to clean up over time!

Would you be able to show us what your fast and less precise picking looks like?

Also, more generally, when talking about speed/fluidity we often suggest these videos: the key point is that it is much easier to clean up a fast & inaccurate technique than to speed up a slow & accurate one - if that makes sense :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, Tommo. Check these out:

I run into a pretty hard speed limit and start to tense up right around here, which is roughly 170bpm in triplets, in my estimation. Let me know what you think, and thanks again for your help.

Hey @kalokagathia thanks for filming this!

Initially I couldn’t guess what might be holding you back / generating this feeling of stickiness, because your hand movements looked pretty smooth!

Now I watched the slo-mo version a few times and noticed a little thing - may or may not be on target, let me know!

It seems to me that you start on the middle strings with a “pronated” forearm orientation (similar to Tuttle / Grier), but when you reach the B string you rotate into a more “supinated” orientation (probably similar to Andy Wood).

It may be that this flip-flopping of the forearm is partly responsible for the feeling of discomfort and/or the speed limitation. In principle, you could play the whole pattern just using the Tuttle/Grier setup, so you could give that a shot.

Let us know if that makes sense / how that goes!

PS I see you are a MIM subscriber, have you already gone through the wrist section of the Primer? It contains more details one the basic idea I’m talking about.

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