Crosspicking technique for comment

Here’s a couple of short clips. My observations:

  • I only leave a tiny amount of pick tip showing. I’ve always done that, and I’ve tried and failed to change my grip to a more trigger style
  • I hold my wrist farther above the strings than Troy does. Part of that may be that I’m using an archtop here, but even on my ES-335 I can’t place my “pinky heel” near or on the strings.

F Arpeggios:

C Crosspicking

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I’m not sure what kind of feedback you’re looking for. In general it sounds quite good, especially the second video!

I’ll say one thing, though. If you want to find out whether you motion is really an efficient “crosspicking” (DSX) motion, you’ll have to play significantly faster than that!

Of course, if you’re not going for speed, it doesn’t really matter, it’s already working!

I think this has to do with your hand position. Some grips only work well with certain arm/hand positions.

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