Crosspicking Update

Sup dudes. Here with another update in light of the new content that just dropped which I’m reluctantly watching because I always feel like I have to go back and unlearn something lmao.

Crosspicking examples

DSX/USX Examples

Seems to be coming a long. Totally did the opposite of what everyone said and worked on things more moderately because for me just going fast doesn’t work with crosspicking.

Few thoughts:

  • I’m hearing some reverb, especially in the second clip. It makes it a little hard to discern what’s going on.
  • First arpeggiated chord shapes in the first video are hard to discern because you’re letting the notes ring out with overdrive, the chord shapes near the end of the video are easier to tell apart since you’re letting off the note when you transfer to another note (most of the time).
  • Scales in the first half of the video are hard to hear, guessing it’s the combo of reverb and maybe a bit too much palm muting? Definitely cleans up when you switch to the neck pickup.

Does this uber dry and uninspiring tone help?

The 2nps stuff is what sounds the most choked in my opinion, but I think across the board your dynamic control is not consistent (even considering that some are supposed to be accent notes).

I’m not really concerned with accenting right now lol. I’m concerned with getting crosspicking. My 2nps stuff rips not too concerned about that either. But I appreciate the input bro!

That’s what I’m getting at, there are some notes that you are obviously hitting very hard and others that are just barely audible, but the patterns don’t really follow accents, they seem to be random. Hitting that hard I’m sure is robbing you of some motion efficiency.

I think it’s extra prominent there, the lack of dynamic control.

I totally disagree! But I do appreciate the input. Looking for advice on Crosspicking. Unfortunately I’m not getting much from your critique! I do still appreciate the input tho! Thank you!

Hey @RobertFlores, this looks almost identical to the motion you used in previous critiques - so I think you will essentially achieve the same results you had before.

I know you are very concerned about swiping, but I think this is making your movements a bit bouncy (maybe?) due to the conscious effort on jumping over the string.

Our basic advice remains always the same: to figure out a smooth & fast motion first, and clean it up later!

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Thanks! I think it’s improving feeling more comfortable the more I do it. I really don’t see any other ways to this technique that aren’t even less comfortable. Playing is faster and cleaner here so I’ll just keep going and in another few months when the speed gradually increases I’ll post another update. Idk the advice of “find something smooth” hasn’t really helped me in anyway! But I appreciate it! I’ll be taking another lesson with Andy in the next week or two we’ll see what he has to say! Generally it’s the opposite, usually see’s some sort of improvement! Thanks so much guys!

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One last bit of advice (sorry - I forgot if I said this before - probably :slight_smile: ):

You can also try tome different pick grips. E.g. the 3-finger “Steve Morse grip” seems to work pretty well for crosspicking.

Keep mixing it up to find new and easier ways to do things - I try to do this as well :slight_smile:

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Hi @RobertFlores, I have a few ideas, maybe one will be useful. Fingers crossed.

  1. Rather than play one pattern over and over again, can you get through it just once, really fast and clean? Eg instead of playing strings 654345654345654345 , just do it once, 6543456. I find that doing a single quick pass like that helps me get a better feel for the trajectory I need. I do it backwards as well, 3456543.

  2. I feel you’re really digging your pick in on some strings, implying too much motion into the guitar body. From what I’ve seen of good cross pickers, much of the motion is down-up, with the pick flying out so it can jump to the next string. Does that make sense? If you can get out of the digging, you might be more fluid.

  3. You played 3 vastly different patterns: one going over 4 strings back and forth, 4-3-2-1-2-3-4; one going over 3 back and forth, 4-3-2-3-4, and one over 3 single direction, 4-3-2-4-3-2- . For me, these all feel completely different, and I have different ease with them. Perhaps pick just one and work on it, and then try others.

Cheers! Jz

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