CTC and fast muted power chords?


something thats always been missing from my playing. Ive never really had the chops or technique to do stuff like convincing fast muted power chords etc. When i say “fast” I just mean anything around 16ths at 130ish and above

lets say something like this one. if I try to “strum” the first 2 power chords D U it just always sounds so wimpy lol. Are people actually doing this with all Downs? how to get back to the D strong without missing a note?


or this one. is this supposed to be done with two way slanting or what?


Any great examples of this out there? anything in masters-in-mechanics for this type of thing?

Thanks, JJ


It’s rare to see the chords and the pedals being done all sixteenths fast. You would need a double-escape pickstroke to hit the chord on the downstroke and come back to the pedal on the upstroke.

Instead it’s much more common to drop the chord tempo when speeding up. Basically, up to a certain tempo you can have pedal tones and chords all be the same subdivisions - eighths, sixteenths, whatever. And a lot of the time it’s all downstrokes. But above a certain speed, the pedals become alternate picking and the chords stay downstrokes, half as fast

Classic examples of all eighths moderate speed:

Classic example of sixteenth pedals with alternate picking + downstroke eighths for the chords: