CTC and MIM In Guitar Magazines?


For many years I used to buy all the major guitar magazines every month I could. Eventually I stopped, so I’m not up to date on what they’ve been covering recently,

Have magazines like Guitar Player had any articles about CTC and Masters In Mechanics? I would think that what Troy and the CTC team have pioneered via the magnet camera would be major news in the guitar magazines. There may be interviews with guitarists who say they’ve been helped by the CTC products. If there aren’t any such articles yet, I imagine there will be soon.

If this has happened or when it does happen I bet it will make the guys in the CTC team proud of what they’ve accomplished whenever they see positive comments about the field they’ve pioneered - especially coming from the caliber of guitarists likely to be featured in interviews by the Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines of the world.


Troy has contributed several pieces to Guitar World rehashing a lot of the CtC material.