CtC/Soundslice Feature Request

I don’t know if this is a request for the site or a request for the makers of Soundslice, but would it be possible to make it so you can hit “play” with the space bar?


I do agree with the idea, but a workaround is that you can use the spacebar when you have the clip opened in fullscreen mode.

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Cool, I had a feeling the answer would be “you could have been doing this already if you’d just tooled around a bit”

Which is the authentic cracking the code experience.


Good call! Yeah I think this is some combination of Soundslice, our site, and browser behavior, not totally sure…

Tried some quick multi-browser testing w/ Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and in all of em, looks like when you’re in full screen mode, space bar for play / pause works…and if you don’t like full screen mode, if you toggle back out of full screen, it still works til you reload the page.

Not sure if there’s a better way to force focus on the Soundslice embed right away, may be a thing we can look into further / ping the Soundslice team about if the current behavior feels wonky.

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Would there be a way to introduce a youtube style preview window that appears when you hover over a part of the video’s timeline?

There’s just been a few times when I’m trying to find a certain part of a clip and I’ve had to step through the whole video using the +5 secs feature.




Hey, you’re talking about the regular video player for lessons / interviews, not the Soundslice (notation) player?

That would be handled by Vimeo, and I don’t think they have that “thumbnail preview on hover” thing, but could you give an example or two of a specific thing you’d be searching for in a video?

The main thing we do have is our own video timeline, a list below the video where we can link e.g. to specific musical examples, and then clicking the timestamp takes you right to that point in the video.

And as part of this timeline, we have a way to add “topics” — don’t yet have em for all videos, but some recent interviews like David Grier and Brendon Small you can see those listed in the timeline below the video as well. Let us know if you find that useful!

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