Cultivating a DBX approach and looking for feedback

Hi all, brand new to this forum. After experimenting (with good results) and observing some of my favorite players in light of the things I have learned, I have decided to pursue a DBX technique. It seems to be the most flexible from what I’ve seen in interviews with players that use it. Basically I’m looking for some feedback on what I’m cultivating so far, which is a DSX motion based on 2 oclock motion for the downstroke escape, and a slight supination of the forearm for the upstroke escape (a la Olli Soikkeli). Is it jumpy looking? Am I missing something here? Perhaps I am against all odds on the right track? @Troy and team, thanks for all the work you’ve done. You’ve erased a lot of confusion for many of us!

Here is the clip:

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Doesn’t look jumpy so far, what happens if you try to play a continuous line or some roll patterns/some arpeggios?

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Welcome @MoonTrane! I agree with Plrgmnr that this does not look jumpy, and that it would be nice to have a look at a slightly longer phrase to get a better picture.

Another thing: you mentioned downstroke escape (DSX), but the short arpeggio you are playing here requires double escape (DBX) as far as I can see.

Did you mean to say DBX, or did you mean something like a primary DSX approach with an occasional upstroke escape (USX) pickstroke? Knowing what you are shooting for will help us to help you further.

But overall I’d say this looks/sounds like a job well done so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’m an idiot. I did mean DBX. I’ll edit my post to reflect my intent here.

Haha not at all, don’t be hard on yourself :slight_smile:

We got a lot of acronyms going round in here, and many sound/look similar :slight_smile:

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